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Equine Therapy

There’s just something about being around horses… Equine therapy involves a variety of tasks at Rising Stars Therapeutic Farm. Horses need food and water daily in both their stalls and pasture, they need regular grooming, tack needs cleaning, stalls need to be mucked each day, and they need baths on occasion. Volunteers can participate in all of the above activities and more!

A horse looking out from behind a gate
A Horse Grazing

disabilities will be provided with a customized equine therapy curriculum to best support their goals and needs. Discounts on lessons will be provided for those who log volunteer hours at the farm. Riding lessons for the general public will be offered at a rate of $60/hour (private lessons only). All hour long lessons will also include grooming, tacking-up, and horse care after the lesson as part of the hour.

Rising Stars Therapeutic Farm also provides both therapeutic horseback riding and riding lessons for the general public. Individuals with various

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